Peter Livolsi’s Debut Feature in Theaters Now!

May 1st, 2018

Peter Livolsi, of our amazingly talented duo Peter Martin, has released his feature film debut in theaters. We loved it and Critics did too! so check your local listings and enjoy what critics are calling:

“A film about punk rock, living on the edge and coming into your own, ‘The House of Tomorrow’ is a strong debut from Livolsi.”
— Los Angeles Times

“A touching exploration of what ‘tomorrow’ actually means.” – Village Voice

“A confident and perfectly cast debut feature…the pairing of Asa Butterfield and Alex Wolff, as mismatched Minnesota teens who start a band, is an absolute delight.” — The Hollywood Reporter

“Smart casting and a light touch… Offerman is excellent as a father under pressure.” — Variety

“A sweet, tart, and intelligently life-affirming story of teenage friendship…as engagingly designed and executed as one of Fuller’s nifty, thought-provoking inventions.” — The Wrap

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