One of the youngest ever Magnum nominees and awarded the Elliott Erwitt Fellowship, acclaimed photographer & film maker Diana Markosian proves to be at the forefront of a new generation pushing the boundaries of documentary.

Encapsulating different styles and storytelling techniques, her latest film installation and conceptual monograph ’SANTA BARBARA’ is currently on tour to MOMA San Francisco and ICP New York. A multidimensional work that is as intensely personal as it is uniquely experimental, it moves between fantasy and reality in layered performances, both soap opera and real life.

Diana explores themes of family and immigration through a layered, interdisciplinary process that uses video, photography, found images, drawings and historical ephemera, stretching the limits of documentary and what is real or not real.

A Masters from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism at 20 can only have fuelled Diana’s pursuit of important, untold stories. Her projects have taken her to some of the remotest corners of the Earth, from The Arctic Circle to Afghanistan to Yunnan, and have been featured in National Geographic, Time Magazine, The New York Times and GQ.

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