A breakthrough name to watch whose films are uniquely visual experiences.

Fever-dream work and surreal journeys often with an unexpected twist. René Lortie has already won hearts & minds at D&AD Graphite Pencil: Best Direction ‘La Nuèe’ and UKMVA 2020 Best Choreography: ‘Sheena Ko Wrap Me Up’ (Brittney Canda).

His most recent Young Director Awards Video Art Gold for dance film ‘Sit Still’ re-imagines how choreography can work in narratives. He navigates the inner emotions of seven year old Adeline, expressing herself purely through street dance Krump, replacing the traditional beat-centric style with an introspective score by Alaskan Tapes. We are forced to really listen to what she has to say.

Prepare for a spellbound experience, where story and singular craft lie at the heart of every film.

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